Comparison between Mecool KM7 PLUS (Google TV) and Hako Pro (Android TV) Android TV box devices.

Converting old TVs to SMART TVs is now quick and easy with Android TV boxes. These small devices offer the ability to access the Internet, stream content and enjoy a wide range of applications, turning your TV into a full-fledged SMART TV. Here we will look at two popular Android TV boxes - HakoPro and Mecool KM7 PLUS, which offer a cheap and effective solution.

  1. HakoPro – Android TV

The HakoPro device offers a simple and fast way to turn a regular TV into a SMART TV. With 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in memory, it provides enough resources to work with most popular applications and streaming platforms. With the Android TV operating system, HakoPro is designed for ease of use and works perfectly with several applications.

Hako Pro Screen
Hako Pro Apps Screen


  • Speed ​​and responsiveness
  • Various connection ports
  • Wide range of Google Play Store

  1. Mecool KM7 PLUS - Google TV

Mecool KM7 PLUS features the Google TV operating system, which allows you to easily manage Google accounts, apps and provide personalized recommendations. This device also comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, offering similar performance to the HakoPro. However, the biggest difference lies in the personalized content offered by Google TV as well as the attractive design.

Mecool km7 plus apps screen


  • Google TV operating system
  • Google apps and account management, personalized content
  • Aesthetically attractive design

Which one to choose?

The choice between HakoPro and Mecool KM7 PLUS mainly depends on personal preferences and needs. If you want a simple and fast device without high demands for personalized content, the HakoPro might be the best option. But if you like personalized recommendations and an attractive design, the Mecool KM7 PLUS with Google TV might be more suitable.

All in all, both of these Android TV boxes offer a cheap and effective solution for turning your old TV into a SMART TV. With the available Google Play Store and various options that offer a wide range of content, offering new possibilities for using your TV.

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