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Mini keyboard with air mouse (air mouse) MX3 with gyroscope and lighting.

Mini keyboard with air mouse (air mouse) MX3 with gyroscope and lighting.

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System support

  1. Android OS
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux
  4. Windows

IS a learning function

There are 5 buttons that can be programmed to the TV remote control keys:
1. Start button - located in the upper left corner.
2. 4 color buttons - located in the lower corner

Note: Please check if your TV remote control supports the NEC learning protocol.

The learning activity of IR is as follows
1. TV remote control and air mouse IR transmitters pointing towards each other,
2. Press and hold the TV button on the remote control for 4-5 seconds until the LED flashes slowly,
3. When you see the LED flashing slowly, press the key on the TV remote control to learn,
4. When the remote control receives the infrared signal, the LED will be continuous.
5. After 1.-4. step can learn 5 keys,
6. Press the TV button to complete the learning process.

Other Functions

1) Transmission and control: 2.4G RF wireless radio frequency technology;
2) sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-G sensor;
3) Number of keys: 81 keys;
4) Control distance: >5m;
5) Battery type: 1: AAA*2 (not included)
Current current: less than 10mA under working conditions;
7) Standby: 10mAmA: 10mA when running in minimum mode: Microamps, almost no power, according to battery mode.
European "Energy star" environmental standard;
8) Material: Material: plastic and silicone;
9) size: 172*52*19 mm;
10) Weight: About 100 g

Included in the package

1 * MX3 Air Mouse
1 * USB wireless receiver


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